Drag & Drop Workflow Creation

The drag and drop workflow designer creates workflows that bring your projects to life. Automate from complex approvals to updating fields, perform calculations, implement rules and generate reports.

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Workflows empowers you:

Automate Approvals

Automate your processes and approvals using the ReadiNow automated workflow designer to improve efficiencies.

Implement Rules

Implement your desired business logic (simple rules or complex formulae) to automatically route your decision flow through drag and drop.

Create Records

Automate with rules and triggers to minimise data entry; simplifying and enriching the user experience.

Display Forms

Display forms to users based on their role and actions. Create custom wizards and surveys to guide users through your applications to maximise productivity.

Update Fields

Maintain accurate information by automatically triggering activities, updating fields or generating notification based on any record changes such as status or due dates.

Perform Calculations

With the ReadiNow calculation engine, calculate values and set triggers inside records and forms to simplify and empower the user to make the right decisions in real time.

Email And SMS Notifications

Create tailored and custom email and SMS notifications. Further extend the capability through APIs providing you the capability to automate your communications.

Infinite Possibilities

Leveraging the capabilities of the ReadiNow Intelligent Engines, the power of innovation is brought to life instantly allowing you to simply and efficiently automate the most complex of processes in your business.