Integration Engine

ReadiNow’s Integration Engine enables you to create end-to-end workflows that retrieve, import, validate and handle data changes, from Excel or CSV files. This allows you to easily define your own custom object types and configure and expose APIs.


Integration Engine
Integration Engine 2


Import with APIs Automatically and Accurately

You’ll be enabled to automatically import spreadsheets from Excel files, CSV files, either automatically from remote SFTP servers or uploaded to ReadiNow web APIs. You can also attach related records, identify data changes and save import configurations for future projects.

ReadiNow’s workflows can call out to third-party APIs, integrate with other services and synchronize data from third party systems.


Supports Data-interchange Formats

ReadiNow supports calling third-party APIs that use REST, JSON, XML, OAuth 2.0, and more and integrates an email listener to ensure email messages get to specified users on time.

You’ll have total control and visibility over how you integrate your systems, whilst saving time with a simplified platform solution.

Integration Engine