Incident Management

Incident Management empowers organisations to respond and manage reported incidents instantly via automated workflow and notifications. Teams can identify affected people, process and systems; establish what led to the incident, and create and delegate the appropriate actions required to resolve and close the incident. Intelligent dashboards and reporting analytics provides management with valuable insight into incident trending and actionable intelligence to proactively implement initiatives to reduce incident exposure and re-occurrence.

Case Management

Case management provides a systematic investigative approach to the detailed identification, classification, and collection of evidence and witness statements associated with an incident or event to determine the root cause of the event. Capturing and managing corrective actions allows organisations to lower the likelihood of repeat occurrences.


Workflow alerts nominated personnel when there is a crisis requiring attention. Your continuity and IT management plans can be activated when invoked with a simple one click to trigger workflows, pre- defined tasks and plans.

Incident Reporting

With access via desktops, tablets or mobile devices, the Incident Management application allows users to report fraud, OHS and physical security incidents and track the status and progress of their incident.

SMS and Email Notifications

Define notification templates and send notifications to team members, selected groups or all staff via SMS or email. Notification workflow automates the notification process to nominated personnel. Third party integration support with partner service provider(s) supports 2-way mass messaging and communications removing the requirement for additional communication systems or platforms.

Key Benefits

  • Report, Monitor and Track Incidents to resolution
  • Consistent and repeatable approach across the organisation
  • Enterprise view of all Incident type reported
  • Aligned to key industry standards and frameworks
  • Notify key stakeholders of critical incidents
  • Investigate root cause and implement corrective action plans
  • Gain visibility and identify potential issues or trends
  • Real-time dashboards, reporting and task management
  • Fully configurable mobile support
  • 100% cloud, 100% secure