Contracts Management

Contracts Management 1

Contracts Management

ReadiNow’s Contracts Management Solution helps you effectively manage a single point of truth for all internal, customer and supplier contracts. Our configurable Contracts Management solution can help remove redundant manual storage cabinets, lists and spreadsheets, and streamline your management procedures.

Manage customer and supplier contracts

Contracts often produce endless amounts of paper that can become redundant. However, you will be able to manage key contract details, stakeholders, responsibilities, warranties, insurances and assets in one centralised system for all internal, customer and supplier contracts. You can manage amendments, variations and renewals with alerts, that help you have a user friendly and streamlined contract management process.

Contracts Management 2

Contract approvals

Manage and maintain a centralised contract approval system that ensures procedures and policies are adhered to before commitment occurs. You will be kept up to date with a real-time and transparent status of all enterprise-wide contracts, with access anywhere, anytime, any device.

Key obligations

Identify and manage key contractual obligations, with the ability to assign tasks to relevant stakeholders to ensure continual compliance occur.

Contract Expiries

Set up workflows with notifications that track and send alerts for contract renewal dates and associated tasks. You can also manage CPI notifications to ensure the appropriate stakeholders are notified of price changes in alignment with contractual obligations.

Benefits at a Glance

  • Configurable contracts management system
  • Identify and manage key obligations, updates and CPI notifications in one location
  • A centralized system for all contracts issued and received
  • Any device, anywhere, anytime
  • Fully configurable mobile support
  • Real-time dashboards, reporting and task management
  • 100% cloud based
  • Secure