Analytics and Reports

Analytics & Reports 1

Flexible Reports

Enjoy complete flexibility to create custom reports that provide you with the information you need in real time to make smarter business decisions. Create meaningful reports in minutes by simply dragging and dropping columns, grouping information, filtering data, and much more!

Visual Analytics

Automatically create charts and graphs to visualise information and analyse trends in business performance. Go beyond standard out of the box charts and dive deeper into what is really happening inside your organisation. Insight leads to intelligence and innovation.

Analytics & Reports 2
Analytics & Reports 3

Generate Documents

With a single click, generate printable plans and documents by automatically collating information gathered through online forms. Utilise the systems inbuilt capabilities to define monthly, quarterly or annual reports which can be seamlessly generated and sent out to business stakeholders in your own tailored templates and report formats. ReadiNow makes such mundane tasks effortless, seamless and so much faster.